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Clever Capture Energiser

Clever Capture Energiser

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Unlock your creativity with Clever Capture.

Research shows that the key to great work is generating a high volume of ideas before converging on the best concepts. And that’s exactly what this exercise demonstrates.

Played in groups of 6, clever capture simulates the fist step in the creative process by encouraging the generation of wild, unfiltered ideas. Perfect for kickstarting brainstorming sessions or building energy before learning exercises, Clever Capture helps teams tap into diverse viewpoints. Try it out now and unleash your team’s full potential.

On purchase, you will receive a link via email to download a file containing the following:

  • .pdf Instructions on how to play Clever Capture followed by debrief questions
  • .pdf set of Clever Capture cards (to print for face to face)
  • .pdf blank card to create your own unique words
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