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Once Upon Align Team Development Toolkit

Once Upon Align Team Development Toolkit

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Once Upon Align is a meticulously crafted toolkit designed to elevate team insight and collaboration as you journey through iconic Australian-inspired illustrations. It’s a fun, engaging adventure that captivates and serves as a powerful tool for igniting open dialogue, active learning, problem-solving, psychological safety, and inclusion.   

How You'll Benefit

Playing Once Upon Align holds up a mirror to your team dynamics, reflecting how the team “shows up” and communicates as a group. It will uncover your group norms, roles, assumptions, and patterns of behaviour by simulating real-world group-dynamics without the deliverables in a safe yet candid medium of exploration. 

Using this knowledge, you can build a foundation for:

Igniting Teams: Cultivate open dialogue and engagement.
Innovating Together: Unleash creative thinking to problem solve.
Fostering Inclusion: Break free from "groupthink" and embrace diverse perspectives.
Connecting Profoundly: Build trust, psychological safety, and meaningful connections.
Reflecting and Growing: Deep insights into your team's strengths and opportunities.

    Get ready to elevate your next workshop, team meeting, or group retreat with Once Upon Align! Featuring 27 beautifully illustrated Australiana designed cards, this kit comes with instructions and a facilitator's debrief guide. Harness the potential of good questions to unpack team dynamics in different ways with the highly detailed facilitator guide, and play the game multiple times to further optimise your team's potential.

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